Local Payment Methods

For online merchants seeking to expand their sales channels into other territories, Lateral Payment Solutions gives merchants access to a range of Alternative Payment options.

Cards are seen as the dominant payment method in the United Kingdom and North America; however the vast majority of other regions aren’t so card centric. Online Banking, E-Wallets and Prepaid solutions are the payment type of choice throughout many of the world’s major online economies, particularly with younger generation shoppers.

Did you know?

  • The Alternative Payment market will grow by more than 12% by 2017
  • 82% of Online shoppers prefer a range of payment options over credit and debit cards.
  • Nearly 50% of online shoppers purchase from overseas websites.
  • The 18-30 age bracket are more likely open to using Alternative Payments.
  • Alternative Payments are used by 40% of online shoppers in Europe’s general retail sector.

Crossing borders

Lateral Payments’ in-depth knowledge of the international payments arena puts you in the driving seat, helping you to realise your global ambitions. Through a single integration into our systems we allow you to seamlessly cross borders by giving your customers the opportunity to pay via their local payment method. Not only does this drive revenue through increased conversions at the point of checkout but it will instantly improve your customer service credentials.

Lateral Payments splits its Alternative Payment portfolio into three distinctive areas, Real Time Bank Transfer , Prepaid Solutions and EWallets


Real Time Bank Transfer

An attractive option for merchants as they usually receive immediate confirmation of the authorised payment along with a next day settlement. With minimal risk, customer orders can be placed on next day delivery. Consumers cite “bank level security” and simplicity in making a payment as a major selling point.

Lateral Payment currently offers the following Realtime Bank Transfer Solutions:-

Giropay is an Internet payment method that allows customers to make online purchases in a familiar, secure and simple way. Giropay links directly to your customer’s online banking when they make an online purchase.
Countries Available: Germany.

Sofortbanking is an easy to use direct credit transfer system based on the high security standards of online banking.
Countries Available: Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Austria, Belgium, The Netherlands, Switzerland and Italy.

Instant Transfer is an online payment system which can be used by more than 99% of all customers in Germany who have an online banking enabled account.
Countries Available: Germany.

iDEAL allows online purchases to be made using online banking through the customers own bank account. iDEAL transactions are quick, reliable and efficient.
Countries Available: Netherlands.

EPS is the most popular online banking payment scheme in Austria, it allows secure payments to be made from the customer’s current account.
Countries Available: Austria.

TrustPay is a real-time bank transfer method that allows customers to securely make online purchases.
Countries Available: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Przelewyy24 is used by more than 95% of people in Poland. Polish online banking customers can securely and easily make purchases on the internet. It has a very high market acceptance.
Countries Available: Poland.

POLi is a leading online banking payment that connects to the customer’s bank account to enable a quick and secure payment.
Countries Available: Australia and New Zealand.

Teleingreso is a bank transfer solution that allows customers to securely pay for goods and services via more than 3,000 ATM machines, 2,000 post offices and 300 retail outlets throughout Spain.
Countries Available: Spain.

Boleto Bancario is a Consumer push payment method in Brazil that’s regulated by the Brazilian Federation of Banks.
Countries Available: Brazil.

Ticket Online is a Consumer push payment method in Mexico which relies on the Consumer to initialize the payment action.
Countries Available: Mexico.

Raberil provides a specialist international payment and settlement solution for businesses that need to make local currency payments swiftly, securely and cost effectively into Latin America.
Countries Available: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela.


Prepaid Solution

Prepaid solutions allow customers to make purchases in relative anonymity, while it is like cash for the merchant, the payment is real-time and guaranteed.

Prepaid solutions come in the form of a card and/or paper voucher with a unique code. The customer purchases a prepaid card or voucher at a retail outlet or online. The prepaid has a fixed value of which the consumer can choose to spend the full amount online.

Lateral Payment currently offers the following Prepaid Solutions:-

Paysafecard is designed for users who don’t have a credit or debit card or who don’t want to use their credit card for online purchases. Users authorise a payment to the merchant by entering a 16-digit PIN code, similar to the system used with prepaid phone cards.
Countries Available: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Astropay is the fastest-growing prepaid payment card in Latin America. They provide guaranteed payments to international online merchants.
Countries Available: Brazil, Bolivia, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Venezuela.



It gives users the opportunity to make e-commerce transactions quickly and securely. An e-wallet allows customers to store credit card information, e-cash, contact information, shipping, and billing information which are used to pay for on-line purchases. It is convenient for the user as it saves having to resubmit details every time they wish to make a deposit.

Lateral Payment currently offers the following E-Wallet Solutions:-

Neteller is a prominent method of acceptance throughout the iGaming sector and supports deposits from credit or debit card, bank wire, international and local bank transfers as well as instant local deposits.
Countries Available: International

Qiwi Wallet allows customers to quickly and conveniently make payments online for utilities, mobile phone bills, internet, online shopping purchases, bank loans and much more.
Countries Available: Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

Skrill has over 14 million account holders and is one of the largest global e-wallet providers. The simple E-Wallet solution makes it possible for every customer who has a Skrill account to pay easily and securely over the internet without giving out personal bank details.
Countries Available: International